Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Aurora Shooting

A few days ago a guy with pretty high IQ opened up gun fire in a theater in Aurora, CO. He killed 12 innocent individuals -including children- and injured about 58.

Apparently, he purchased all the guns and ammunition perfectly legally and all 2nd aendment supporters think that there is nothing wrong with that. Nothing. Nada.  The perpetrator is 100% responsible and nothing else needs to be 'fixed'.

Can you believe that?

These types of shootings, when innocent people get killed by other individuals who elect to exercise their 2nd amendment rights to the detriment of all others who elect not to, happen almost daily. Over the last few decades more than 1 million people were killed by law abiding citizens taking full advantage of the 2nd amendment and we are to believe that the law is constitutional.

Is it the intent of the constitution to allow the killing of innocent people from time to time? I do not think so, but no matter how many arguments are being brought up they do no stick and they will never stick.

We like to gamble with our own lives as this could happen to each one of us at any given time.  And all this is perfectly legit. Astounding.

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