Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Euro 2012 - Eleventh and Twelfth Days

Yesterday, in Poland (Gdansk) Spain beat a very determined Croatia 1-0 and although Spain should have scored more than one goal Croatia played very hard and had some good opportunities on counter-attacks.

In Poznan Italy beat Ireland 2-0 and this was totally expected. Italy are improving each game they play and Ireland remained the weakest team of the tournament.

Both Croatia and Ireland go home.

Spain wins group C and Italy are the runner up.

Today, in group D in Ukraine (Donetsk), England beat Ukraine 1-0 totally unfairly. Ukraine should have beaten England easily but they had no teeth. Ukraine dominated copiously and should have scored at least 2 goals before the half time whistle.

Sweden beat France 2-0 in Kiev and France showed that they are an iffy team. They can be very good but they can also be very bad. In the end, France ended up the runner up of group D, albeit barely, but that does not matter at this stage. Sweden lost 2 games and France lost only 1.

Next, in the last 2 games of the quarter finals, ITA will play ENG and FRA will play ESP. These will be awesome games.

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