Thursday, June 21, 2012

Euro 2012 - Fourteenth Day

On the fourteenth day -in Warsaw- we have the first game of the quarter finals. Yesterday was a rest day and maybe UEFA does not really like to have any games on the 13th day of the tournament. Who knows?

Portugal plays Czech Republic as I am updating this article. I think Portugal will win the game by 1-0 and will be the first team to qualify to the semifinals. Czech Republic plays a 'wait and see' game and appear to be looking to want to end the game in a tie and go on to play extra time while Portugal tries to score in any which way they can.

Ronaldo, for Portugal, just scored in the 79th minute of the second half and this is how the game will end.

The game just ended and Portugal will wait until Saturday to see who the winner of the game between France and Spain will be.

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