Saturday, June 9, 2012

Euro 2012 - Second Day

Today the two EURO 2012 games of Group B are being played in Ukraine.

The Netherlands plays Denmark Kharkiv, a city that I would have never thought -just a few years ago- would be host to a Euro Championship game. The weather looks perfect for soccer.

In the 24th minute of the game Denmark scored the first goal of the match with a shot through the legs of the keeper from an angle (jersey number 9, Michael Krohn-Dehli). Laser shot and sweet! It quieted a bit the Dutch fans...

The fans are exemplary and the stadium looks very cheerful on this sunny day.

I see that the game referees are wearing all black outfits which is rather unusual since black has become very unusual for the refs during the last several years. 

The start of the second half appears to be all Dutch, but Denmark seems able to absorb the pressure quite well. Maybe Denmark will score again...Denmark won the EC in 1992 and The Netherlands in 1988. Amazing.

Game is over and Denmark beat The Netherlands 1-0 (some would say that this was not expected but I thought otherwise).

Next game of Group B, between Germany and Portugal, takes place in Lviv, Ukraine. The stadium is very quaint and looks very personable. I am reading that the city is awesome. Maybe visiting it one day would be advisable.

The game just started and it is much more open of a game than the Denmark-Netherlands one. Portugal may be able to beat Germany if they are patient and play clinical. Every touch of the ball counts. Germany appears over confident.

0-0 at the half with Portugal having had the best opportunity to open up the score in the first half.

Germany just scored through Mario Gomez (jersey #23) in the 73rd minute with an awesome header across the Portuguese goal keeper. So, Germany-Portugal 1-0. Portugal appears very composed and may be able to level up. Unfortunately, Portugal's chances were all missed and the game just ended.

Final score: Germany-Portugal 1-0.

Awesome day of soccer in Ukraine.

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