Saturday, April 19, 2014

God: the Good Cartoon Character

Tomorrow, Christians celebrate Easter. It is a celebration that is supposed to represent birth, biblical 'I-told-you-so', and re-birth. Christians have stolen this supreme representation of divine traits from prior religions and civilizations in order to preserve the 'continuity' of thought across history and gain credibility.

Theologians have created the Christian Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) as a sort of philosophical sandwich that can cover all bases and present defenses against any and all potential intellectual threats. It functions as an armor, the theologians must have thought. But the charade has been revealed. The gig is up. Other planets may have life just like our Earth. We are getting better and better at managing our lives using our brain power.

We cannot disagree, no matter how religious we might be, that God is a sort of a universal spiritual cartoon character that battles 'evil' (Satan) and we, as spectators, have to choose a side. No rational person can choose to support the evil side in a battle, and for this very reason, God appeals to our natural inclinations, to be on the side and defend the 'good'. Our ally (hero) is good, others' maybe not so much.

From a believer's perspective, God can do no harm. He is the main action star of a universal comic book. No matter what happens, God intended for the outcome -whatever that may be- to happen. Even if it means that thousands die, or some individuals may get sick, God wanted it that way. For reasons that are not clear at all. The justification for evil done in his name is handy, as God is always good. Get over it. Grow up.

It is ironic and absurd to entertain this train of thought as we transform into beings without morality and without free will. Why would we want that? It is time to ditch supporting the good cartoon character. Support science and support knowing. Believing is very easy, if you close your eyes. Open your eyes and stare at reality and the desire to know becomes the true focus. Believe in what you may, but when you know something it can alter your beliefs. Religious beliefs are very weak when facing reason.

Move on people, grow up, and admit that nobody can ever 'save' us. We are who we are as that is how we are and not because somebody decided how we should be.

Beliefs are feelings and science is knowing. Knowledge trumps feelings any day, and any place. I would rather know than feel. I would rather know how to cure cancer than feel (believe) there is a cure. I would rather know I can do something to save my peers, if I need to.

Scientific and financial education is key to our knowledge and certainty. Religion is like social ballast. It is a drain on how we think and it is a waste of brain resources.

Let's know more and more, people and let's believe less in things that cannot be proven.

Let feelings of joy and fulfillment feel our souls because we know how to save people from earthquakes, natural disaster, and diseases. Amen!