Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mars is Just Like Earth - What Will Theologians Say About That?

Today, after a long journey and after drilling holes on rocks on Mars, NASA's Curiosity robot found out that Mars is, at least from a chemical composition perspective, just like our planet.

This is an unbelievable piece of news as we can now prove without any doubt that the entire universe is more like our plant. Or that our planet is not dissimilar to any other planets.

This shows, yet again, that our planet, our beloved home, is anonymous from a 'supreme being' viewpoint.

If I were a supreme being responsible for earthlings and after hearing the Mars news, I would just run away as I would have become philosophically obsolete and hence no longer needed.

After all, why should any Earth based creature believe in any supreme being if the entire universe is composed of the same matter and it is symmetrically spread all around us? What makes Earth and its inhabitants so 'special'? We are just a reflection of where we live in the universe and no supreme being is needed to point to us that we are special.

We are special, but not because a supreme being had anything to do with it, but rather because we have evolved the way we have on our own using mechanisms that are truly universal and explainable scientifically.

It is astounding to be free of theological constraints. It is even more astounding to ponder that we can become extinct as quickly as we have become humans, if not faster. Much faster.

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