Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tax Forms in the US: 149 pages for 2012

Yesterday we filed our taxes using Turbo Tax, the on line version.

It took us a few weeks to gather and group all the documents needed, import data from brokers, financial institutions,  and import W2 forms from our employers.

Certainly I am glad we are done and the most amazing thing is that when I printed a copy -for backup- I ended up with 149 pages for both federal and state taxes.

149 pages is an astounding amount of bureaucracy.

We paid under $80 for Turbo Tax and Intuit filled in all our forms electronically, almost magically.

The $80 price is amazing as had we had to fill the forms out by hand we would have given up and hired an accountant and that would not have been cheap, that is for sure.

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