Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Police Officers are Thugs, Plain and Simple

Today I was reading a piece of news about an unarmed individual who was shot to death by an officer of the police department in Omaha, NE. In this particular case the police officer in an unmarked vehicle decided to shoot because he thought the passenger in a vehicle was reaching for their gun.

Police officers have a great responsibility and with that responsibility comes the obligation to first do no harm.

When police officers are allowed to shoot first and ask questions later then the state of affairs changes dramatically. We can each become victims of police abuses. And no matter how innocent we are the police are getting a free ride to lie.

The irony is that we are paying their salaries and benefits and they seem to enjoy those benefits immensely.

So, the police just thinking that somebody is reaching for their guns and they can open fire then we are all in their sights. We are all deer in their headlights.

The police cannot be allowed to act this way. We have to protest and demand that police follow simple and civil protocol.

Police officers are thugs. Plain and simple. We need to demand that the DA and our elected officials stop police brutality.

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