Saturday, March 2, 2013

Beer Drinkers' Democracy

Anheuser-Busch (owned by InBev), the maker of Budweiser -among other beers- has been sued for mislabeling the alcohol content of their beers.

The news, however, is not that  Budweiser is a watered-down beer but that beer drinkers cannot be fooled forever by their 'kings'.

InBev's marketing department has been working for years to instill into the beer drinkers' minds the fact that Budweiser is 'the king of beer'. The irony is that a king can take decisions on almost any matter without any checks and balances and this fact may have been the leding factor in InBev's arrogance.

Beer drinkers' revolutionary step to require affinity to rules and labels leads to democracy and this leads to accountability.

We, as beer drinkers, can test the alcohol content by volume (ABV) of beer relatively cheaply and we can demand that beer makers abide by labeling laws. InBev cannot state on labels that a particular beer has 5% ABV when the beer has, in fact, 4.75% ABV.

By deliberately debasing their beer InBev has stepped into the 'pure' realm of kings (and crooks) and has started to steal from their own subjects/customers. Kings used to debase their gold -or other precious metals- currencies to create private wealth which they could use for wars or lavish court expenses.

I do not drink Budweiser but in very rare occasions and the beer debasing practices demonstrated by InBev prove to me that I should never consume any beer made by this multinational corporation as it may be deliberately debased in order to increase their profits unfairly.

Long live local breweries not owned by multinational corporations as I will always support locally owned breweries over the 800 lbs. gorillas.

Here is a list of beers made by InBev in case you want to stay away from them.

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