Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Michelle Obama and the Academy Were Disgusting

Unexpectedly, arrogantly, and bullishly Michelle Obama showed up at the Oscars and announced the best American Film Academy movie of 2012 (Argo).

The fact that the movie selection was political was one thing but to have the wife of the POTUS show up as if she had anything to do with the movie industry (or as if she were a movie celebrity) and announce it was insulting to the veiwers' intellect.

As soon as Michelle showed up on the screen I turned the TV off as I could not take even 1 second of the falseness and charade displayed by the Academy.

Shame on you, Michelle, and shame on the Academy for playing so blatantly open political games. Disgusting and lame and nothing more.

Michelle, go back to your White House vegetable garden and mind the tomatoes and onions, please.

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