Sunday, February 3, 2013

Just like in any other 3rd world country

To my total amazement, during the 2013 Super Bowl game, the lights at the New Orleans super dome went dead for about 30 minutes. This type of power outage, during the biggest game/event of the year, does not happen in a first class nation, and yet it's just happened in the US of A. Can the US continue to claim to be a top class nation? I am not sure. Not at all.

The most ironic part of this power outage was that after the power had been restored -it took about 35 minutes- we were being shown TV commercials that blatantly touted the technological advances in the US of A. Yet we are not able to keep the lights on during a football game. The biggest game of the season, no less, with hundreds of millions of people glued to their TVs. A large part of theses viewers is all around the globe and they will talk about it, and not in a positive manner. We quickly become famous for reasons that mimic the ones found in 3rd world nations.

Kids being randomly shot in schools while attending courses, stadium lights going out during big events, effective gun laws extracted in a bizarre way from the 18th century, lack of access to medical care for a significant portion of the poor, representation in Congress that reflects political maps that look like cancer cells, and the list goes on and on.


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