Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Obama, Meat Cleavers, and Sequestration

Today Mr. Obama suggested that the budget sequestration due to take effect on Mar 1 was tantamount to using a meat cleaver to chop away expenditures. I imagine he would have liked to have access to a scalpel or perhaps a laser guided instrument to extract savings out of our $3,600 billion yearly expenditures.

Well, Mr. Obama, you yourself have signed the sequestration bill you are currently labeling as 'meat cleaver' into law (with your own fingers). You have no moral authority to demand that it be repealed when we have so many other laws and bills that demand the attention of our representatives.

We need tax reform and true healthcare reform and we need a stronger Union as we have gaps in education across our country. A kid in DC gets a better education than a kid in Mississippi. Why should that be? We also have gaps in geographical well being and access to public services and you are mandated to help all of us become a stronger nation, and not to forever fix laws that were not meant to take a hold of our political life to begin with.

Get to do some real work, Mr. President. What are you waiting for?

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