Friday, February 1, 2013

COX Communications - Part 3

Cox Communications has decided to give me $65 instead of $50 for the 'inconvenience' they have caused when they erased forever all my messages from my e-mail accounts with them.

So, after they lost my pictures and documents that were worth perhaps $2,000 they decided to compensate me with a 'free' month of internet service. It is hard to believe that they can get away with that.

Cox Communications behaves like a true monopoly. The US government does absolutely nothing about it. The US government should force cable companies to open up 'the last mile' to competitors. This will bring the internet and cable TV prices down in no time. Cable companies have too much power because the government allowed them to get it, one little rule at a time.

The government works for the people more than it works for cable companies, no doubt about that.

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