Saturday, January 19, 2013

Betrayed by Lance

Lance Armstrong came out and confessed that he had won all his 7 Tour De France competitions by cheating.

He was one of my athlete idols.

I feel enraged at the thought that the runner ups -and all other honest cyclists- competing against Lance were not the ones doing the victory lap on Champs-Elysee but Lance was. Stealing does not describe fully what Lance did. What Lance did was like backstabbing the other honest cyclists and then rubbed their blood on their faces. A disgrace and a farce. A charlatan, no less.

It is embarrassing to have an Olympic sporting event that cannot seem able to extirpate cheating from its ranks. I cannot make myself watch cycling again without thinking that somebody in the peloton is a cheat and a fraud. Why should this be, IOC?

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