Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Euro 2012 - Eighteenth Day

Today, in Donetsk, Spain and Portugal played an amazing game that ended 0-0, even after extra time.

Spain was fresh and played more aggressive but Portugal managed to have an all field game that could have sunk the Spanish Armada. This was the best game of this championship so far, no doubt. Tactical and physical, skills and chances, drama and spectacle, all in one.

Portugal entered the game determined and with a clear game plan. They would not let the Spaniards play their 'tiki-taka' and would challenge every single pass attempted by Spain. The game became razor sharp and, at times, it looked like either team could have scored and settled the game.

Portugal players became very tired by the end of the regular time and the extra time was a bit too much for them. Spanish players looked like they could have played a brand new game immediately after the end of this game. Amazing.

In extra time Spain could have scored at least 3 times and the Portuguese were hoping that they would be getting a chance at PKs. Portugal did get the PKs chance but could not concentrate all the way till the end.

For Portugal it was not to be and after penalty kicks Spain qualified (4-2) to play the final of Euro 2012.
They will play the winner of the Italy - Germany game to be played tomorrow in Poland.

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