Sunday, June 24, 2012

Euro 2012- Seventeenth Day

In Kiev, right now, Italy plays England for the last spot of the semifinals.The winner of this game will play Germany next Thu.

At the half the game has ended 0-0 but it could have ended differently had the opportunities been taken advantage of by either team, although Italy appeared to have an edge but with few sharp teeth.

Nonetheless, I believe Italy is slightly better than England and a final score of 1-0 for Italy would be fair. By far, Italy and England are not among the top teams of the tournament.

If this is not the ugliest game of the Euro 2012 tournament then it is most certainly the second ugliest game.

The game goes into extra time, but it does not deserve to be extended as its ugliness is unsettling given the caliber of the teams involved. England has had no chance in the second half. None. Zilch. Zero.

We are in extra time and the game drags on like a disease. Very unpleasing. 0-0 still.

We will have penalty shoot-outs and that is a complete gamble. Will win who wins...

Ita scores: 1-0
Eng scores: 1-1

Ita misses:1-1
Eng scores: 1-2

Ita scores: 2-2
Eng misses: 2-2

Ita scores: 3-2
Eng misses: 3-2

Ita scores: 4-2

Italy-England: 4-2, after pks. Italy was the better team, no doubt. Justice was done. Game over.
Italy plays Germany next.

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