Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Euro 2012 - Sixth Day

Back to Ukraine today.

In Lviv, Portugal played Denmark today in a very disputed game.

Ronaldo, the Portuguese super-star, was totally and utterly useless. Even without his contributions, Portugal beat Denmark 3-2. Portugal took the lead early in the first half by scoring 2 goals, but Denmark came back within reach just before half time. So, at the half it was 2-1 for Portugal.

During the second half Portugal tried to maintain the score but could not and Denmark equalized in the middle of the second half. Luckily for Portugal they managed to score the winning goal just minutes before the final whistle.

In the other game of Group B, Germany beat The Netherlands 2-1 after a very tactical game. Germany took the lead in the first half by scoring beautiful 2 goals and never let go. This game was played in Kharkiv and the Netherlands appeared tired and played without any directionality.

Germany was composed for most of the game and showed true potential to win the entire competition.

So far, Russia is the other team that showed true potential to go all the way and win the competition.

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