Friday, June 22, 2012

Euro 2012 - Fiftteenth Day

Germany was very emphatic today and beat Greece 4-2 in Gdansk.

Germany scored first and the lead stayed 1-0 at the half. Germany played crisp and dominated copiously the entire first half and they deserved at least 2 more goals before the half ended. Immediately after the second half began Greece scored on a counter-attack and appeared to be back into the game. Germany was very elegant and scored 3 more goals before long and Greece scored another goal from a penalty kick caused by a handball.

Greece was very aggressive and 'doggy' and were counting on the counter-attack but stood no chance in the front of the German Panzers.

Germany is the second team of the semi-finals and will wait for the winner of Italy-England on Mon to play in Warsaw.

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