Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Send A Few Dozens Snowden Lookalikes to the Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport

I am reading that a diplomatic Bolivian plane -with the president of Bolivia on board, no less- has been diverted from its route and forced to land in Vienna, Austria, because there had been reports that Edward Snowden was hiding on board.

Like many other Americans, I find it absolutely humiliating and insulting for this action to happen in this day and age.

However, this story shows with clarity that Snowden could have a ton of additional and very damaging information about the US surveillance programs. The US government is practically neurotic about letting Snowden walk free.

Also, the fact that Austrians played along with the CIA demands shows that the information Snowden could have in his possession -or at a secured location- is far reaching and more revealing than we could have ever thought.

One certain way to make this situation develop into a true saga is for WikiLeaks to send about 20 to 30 lookalikes to the Moscow Sheremetyevo airport where Snowden is in a legal and singular blockade. Then trickle each Snowden lookalike out of the airport, one at a time, until everybody gets tired of the charade and eventually the real Snowden will get away, free and clear, right from under the noses of the American secret services.


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