Saturday, October 26, 2013

We are gradually becoming a true 100% police state

I am reading in bewilderment how the NSA spies indiscriminately and illegally not only on all of us (as Americans) but also on the entire world. It can do that since it is the hub of most -if not all- electronic communication on the planet. Servers, switches, hubs, gateways, databases, and all sorts of data communication equipment are or can be directly controlled by the US government since they are in the hands of American corporations.

We need to either stop using data communication networks or become truly rogue and flood the NSA monitoring networks with so much false positive messages that they will have to stop collecting the 'garbage'. I loathe the NSA, I really do.

Yesterday I read a story on how a California cop shot and killed a 13 year old boy because he was carrying a toy gun and the cop thought it was real. Mind you, the shooting happened within 10 seconds of reporting the boy's sighting to the dispatcher, so they did not even bother to give a chance to the kid to show that he was innocent. They shot first, and killed the boy, and now they need to answer questions about this crime. They put 7 bullets into a totally defenseless kid.

Cops in our cities have become true thugs and can -and do- get away with murder and extensive abusive behaviors. There must be hundreds of cases a year where cops have killed 'suspects' when alternative methods could have diffused the situations without any violence or abuse.

Today I am reading how plain clothed cops in New York are routinely stopping black shoppers who buy luxury items and detain them to inquire about the source of the funding and 'their ability to buy such luxury items'. Mind you, the cops stop shoppers after the shoppers have paid, left the store, and have started to walk away, outside of the stores. In some cases, black shoppers of luxury items were stopped blocks away from the location of the store they just visited.

If these examples are not outrageous I am not sure I know what outrageous is...

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