Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Cheap Wine That Does Not Feel Cheap (Yellow Tail - Shiraz)

If you do not feel like spending a chunk of change on an expensive wine I would recommend you drink the shiraz (syrah) from Yellow Tail. It is smooth, full of flavor, and clean when it hits the roof of your mouth.

It is a bit spicy and goes well with blue cheese, lamb, beef, and pasta with red sauces.

I just love it and if I did not know it was Yellow Tail I could not tell the difference between it and Rosemount shiraz (which costs at least twice as much as Yellow Tail).

Today I bought 6 bottles of Yellow Tail shiraz at a local grocery store near my house and I found out that I can get $12 back from the distributor, which is amazing, considering that I only paid $34.20 for the 6 pack. Hence my 6 bottles will cost me $22.20 which is less than $3.75/bottle. Absolutely amazing, considering that a glass of house red wine at a relatively cheap restaurant is at least $5.

I toast to Yellow Tail and savor the shiraz for its intense flavors. Cheers!

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