Monday, July 25, 2011

MagicJack is much better than I expected

A few weeks ago I became an unexpectedly happy user of MagicJack. It is is unreal how well it works and I do use it quite a bit to dial international numbers... For a $40 entry cost nobody can beat that. Mostly since I was paying over $42/mo to Cox Communication for standard access to a phone (taxes included). Plus, I was paying for usage and that was adding an extra $20/mo. So, I was paying more than $60/mo to have access to a voice enabled channel. I was constantly asking myself: why exactly do I do that?

I called Cox Communications to cancel my phone subscription and was told -by an unusually friendly customer care representative- that they would like to 'keep me as a customer' with a $10/mo phone plan that would allow me to get unlimited incoming calls 'plus 60 minutes of free local calls'. What? Why have they not told me about this 3 years ago? Anyways, I was so mad when I heard that that I cancelled my subscription to the Cox 'provided' phone line on the spot. Oh, well, live and learn, I guess.

RIP POTS (plain old telephone service)!

Long live MagicJack! I somehow feel free and clear, just like if I have paid off all my debts... I have my sights on cancelling the Cox cable service next...

I know this is not a post about wine, but it could be since I have an extra $45/mo in the budget  to try out new wines.

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