Thursday, August 4, 2011

The stock markets tanked today

It is unusual for me to be proven right, but I did cash out of my stock positions a few weeks ago and I did that for a reason. The US economy -via vast amounts of debts- sucks the future into the present with tornado-like-forces winds and we are practically traveling into the future, in a figurative way.

The consumer debt levels in the US are incredibly high and every time anybody gets a loan it is either because they are either optimistic about the future, because they are crooks and lie to themselves, or purely because they need to live. 

Optimists who take loans are the most hurt since they believe that the economy grows perpetually at sustainable levels but they forget that politics, black swans, and external shocks exist to change our world as we know it.

Crooks take loans just so that for a short period of time they can show that the world revolves around them, but we know better, and banks should know the best. Banks have behaved like crooks for a very long while.

People who need to live day by day and manage to get loans do so because they have 'assets' but cannot live off of them. Assets are an euphemism for materialized dreams and the material nature of assets is indisputable.  The dream components are purely imaginary. Banks have assets too and our loans on which we make regular payments to banks are their assets.

So, the stock market crash of today is due to the fact that we have too many optimists, in a bizarre way of looking at it.

The US economy relies on banks and financial instruments too much, no doubt. We need to think outside the banking mentality in order for the stock market to regain its shine. Stocks are companies and not what banks think companies are.

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