Monday, January 27, 2014

The Government is Watching Us Non-Stop And At Will

Today I am reading that the 'authorities' can track everything we do based on the apps we use on our smartphones.

Is this really surprising? If you want total privacy then you need to ditch all forms or electronic communications and devices. The government can track what you do 'ex post facto' and use the info it gathers in a court of law, with no 'pre-post facto' means of defense.

Justice is no longer possible. The government can see all the cards all the time.

Communists only dreamed about that, and, ironically, our 'democratic' society managed to achieve total surveillance with no democratic and judicial supervision whatsoever. Officials would tell us that there is 'judicial oversight'. Really?

Our only defense against government abusing their powers is to stop using electronic means of communication. Face to face meetings and sheer electronic disobedience. Do no trust anything you see...  Your devices have been made slave -bitches- to security agencies. Your thoughts are no longer yours alone. 

Trust is quickly becoming an incredibly difficult concept to acquire. Isolation and deception are the new currencies we need to be dealing with/in.

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