Thursday, February 6, 2014

Never Forget the British Media On Their Coverage of Romania (F..k You, Britain!)

Lately, Romanians have been made to look like complete and unmistakable losers by the British media.

The sad part is not just that the media are ostracizing an entire nation, but also that the British political class has fully endorsed this state of affair. Entire nations can be made to look bad with extreme ease and this is even truer under the auspices of the British language's dominance of the internet.

What I do want to clarify is that I would like to see statements from the political makers in Romania to make it evident that Romania will never, ever, forget the execrable British attitude towards Romania.

Romania should reserve the right to respond in kind and to the full extent of propaganda to such aberrant attitudes shown by the British media and British authorities.

From a conceptual perspective it is relatively easy for the Romanian government to start promoting hacking -albeit indirectly- of British media and government agencies and do so in such a way that the entire media focus will quickly start to change and begin panicking about real 'problems'.

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