Friday, February 7, 2014

The US Warns Americans that They Should Expect No Privacy in Sochi. WTF?

Are you kidding me? The US is warning Americans traveling to the Olympic games in Sochi that they should 'expect no privacy' while in Russia and accessing Russian networks. What? Am I reading this correctly?

Have we not just learned that the US spies on everybody indiscriminately, regardless of whether they are in the US or not, regardless of whether they are Americans or not, and regardless of reason. We cannot tolerate this duplicity of our government and we must demand that the US stop spying on all of us before we can go around the world and tell others that they should not be spying on our citizens.

Also, today I just learned that a high ranking US department official -assistant US secretary of state, Victoria Nuland- has made a highly offensive remark towards the EU and the statement was recorded, apparently, by the Russian intelligence services.

Kudos to the Russians not just for recording the conversation in high definition but also for posting it on YouTube. I just love the timeliness of this release and the fact that it shows how hypocritical the US government has become with its international actions.

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