Sunday, February 9, 2014

How Victoria Nuland Became Victoria Fuckland

It is almost certain that the Russian Federation released the 'Fuck the EU' recording of Victoria Nuland.

Russian Federation released the Fuckland recording to the public as quickly as they could. Even though the US may classify this fact as 'dirty', it is, without many doubts, unmistakable that the US government's credibility has fallen to new lows, lows not seen since the Vietnam war.

Here are the main arguments supporting my statements.

1. NSA spying revelations which show that the US pays only lip service to the concept of 'individual privacy' (a constitutional sanctioned right);

2. Relative number of people incarcerated in the US prisons shows that the US judicial system has been taken over by private interests as more and more prisons are operated by private corprations;

3. The Guantanamo prison is still operational after more than 10 years since it was opened by the Bush administration which shows that the US can bend the laws just like David Beckham could bend the soccer ball while pretending that human rights are the most important driver in the conduct of US foreign policy;

4. The FED's quantitative easing (printing money at will, with no direct authority from the Congress) by buying US debt at an incredible rate which -directly or indirectly- makes the US dollar the most quantitatively important currency in the world;

5. Wealth distribution and inequality. The US has the highest GINI coefficient of all developed nations.

I love the US and what it stands for, but when Victoria Nuland makes point-blank statements to the Ukrainian US ambassador that we should 'Fuck the EU' then I feel like the US has lost all its ability to influence global policy makers, as who is to say that some European policymakers do not shout 'Fuck the US' (behind closed doors)?

The radicalization of US diplomacy will become more and more obvious and other countries will start to push back with more and more strength.

The singularity and strength of the US diplomacy has started to become more and more militaristic and this will only embolden Russia and China and make them, even more determined than now, to pursue their agenda via military spending expansion rather than 'values agendas'.

The US used to stand for human rights and that does not fly anymore. The US used to stand for economic freedom and that does not fly anymore, given the complexity of tax code(s) in the US. The US used to stand for relative equality between all Americans and that does not fly anymore in the face of wealth inequality we are witnessing. The US used to stand for top notch infrastructure and that is starting to fall by the wayside.

What do really we want the US to stand for?

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