Thursday, November 29, 2012

GOP is unreasonable

Mr. Obama has a 'golden goose' in the fiscal cliff battle.

Today the Republicans in the House met with Mr. Obama's emissaries and Mr. Boehner (the House speaker) claimed that discussions 'got nowhere'.

Mr. Boehner and his acolytes forget that the Democrats have already explained that they have decided to let the tax cuts for households making over $250k (the top 2% of Americans) expire on Jan 1, 2013. Mr. Obama's plan will bring in more revenue than now.

Mr. Boehner claims that the President should also come up with spending cuts. Why is the GOP not coming up with the spending cuts if the additional revenue does not make them happy? It is 100% their responsibility as they are the ones calling (screaming, I should say) for it, no doubt.

Mr. Obama has nothing to lose by doing absolutely nothing. If I were in his shoes I would go on vacation until Dec 28th and if the GOP does not have a plan meeting his agenda then so be it.

Happy Holidays!

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