Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Very Unsettling To Watch Our March Towards the Cliff

It is very unsettling to sit back and watch without much power how, seemingly every fall and spring and at any time in between, the Congress is going to work to 'fix' a looming danger.

It is down right infuriating to see that the problems the Congress is trying to solve have, for the majority of the time, been created by the Congress proper. Case in point: the sequester and the tax rate increases doomed to being on Jan 1st 2013. We should have never reached this point, ever. And yet we have.

The Congress creates these problems by not solving them for the long run to begin with. By looking at the current expected 'fiscal cliff' it is hard not to imagine that it could have been entirely avoidable had it not been for the bitter partisanship shown last year by all our political parties.

Our Congress seems to care only about their own interests and I am not even sure what they are after. An ideology? A set of statements? Intents? None of these constructs help ordinary people.

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