Saturday, November 10, 2012

Obama has had a landslide win: no ifs, ands, or buts

Obama has won the re-election campaign in a massive landslide. In the electoral college -EC- he has 336 votes while Romney has 206 (+130 votes difference in Obama's favor) .

The magnitude of his win has to be referred as amazing and unprecedented. Let me clarify that for you. The unemployment rate has been over 9% for months and the government debt has increased to never-seen-before levels. In this light, the election results appear counter-intuitive.

Had the economy done better during his first tenure and, say, the unemployment rate been at 5% what would have been the difference between Obama and Romney in the EC? 200 electoral votes?

The Republicans could not even take advantage of the poor economy to defeat Obama and, to top it all, showed very poor campaign management skills. This is utterly shocking to me, given their closeness to sound business practices. In addition, they showed pure inability to broaden their electoral base and relied on the same 'old religious farts' they have relied on for decades. To make the argument a full trifecta, the Republicans presented to us a candidate that, I believe, has never bought milk from a grocery store in his entire life.

Republicans have lost in a massive fashion and their credibility is at levels seemingly inversely related to the US national debt...

Obama could not have obtained better results, given the extremely difficult US economic conditions. I am elated for his well deserved win.

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