Saturday, June 15, 2013

No One is Telling the Truth When It Comes to Violating the Bill of Rights

As the days pass I read, hear, and see that the US government is literally collecting all our data without our permission. They claim it is for terrorism fighting reasons but I highly doubt that. The government appropriates more powers for its agencies ever single day. Perhaps we need a -legal?- revolution to wipe the slate clean and forever remove the government from our private lives.

I feel that the government's spying on us is highly unconstitutional and in spite of the fact that the government claims the indiscriminate data collection is 'legal' I think it is totally wrong and I doubt it is fully legal since everything seems to judged by secret courts.  Aren't these called Kangaroo courts?

They claim that they only collect metadata from our phones, but that metadata is still data that belongs to me and I need to be informed that the government is looking at my personal metadata.

Why should we trust our government? I am staying as far away as I can from Google and other providers, including Facebook-  and limit my communication to a bare minimum just because I do not want to leave too many electronic and data traces for others to collect without my approval.

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