Monday, June 24, 2013

The US is Throwing the Kitchen Sink at Snowden

The USG has decided to charge Edward Snowden with 'espionage' and theft of 'government property'.

It is as clear as daylight that the USG has become abusive and has changed the conversation from defensive statements to bullying, pure and unadulterated bullying. They have revoked his passport and have started to threaten all and any country that dares to grant Mr. Snowden political asylum.

I would like to see more proof that the US national interests have been affected by Mr. Snowden's brave disclosures of government abuses. We, as citizens and nation, are better off by having the knowledge and certitude that the US does spy on us at will.

We need to respond to illegal information snooping 'in kind', with tons information that falsely overwhelms the NSA's 'filters'. If we do this collectively and efficiently we will overwhelm their 'security' and render the NSA snooping totally irrelevant.

How can the US provide a 'fair' trial to Mr. Snowden when the US would be using secret courts and secret documents? Are we so naive to think that the USG can be 'fair' in this case?

Look at what the USG has done with the Guantanamo 'prisoners' and you will get a glimpse at the 'impartial' judicial processes that the USG can resort to while going around the world and touting the 'rights and freedoms', we as Americans, are 'blessed' to have been 'granted' by our constitution. Why is the USG attacking the US constitution?

The US age of naivete is over.

With Mr. Snowden's aggressive pursuit, the USG has successfully joined the few governments of the world that are abusing their powers with impunity and nonchalance.

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