Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Tale of the 50 Prevented Terror Plots by the NSA

According to the NSA director (who is an Army general, and I find this highly problematic), Gen. Keith Alexander, claims that the NSA spying on all of us saved lives and prevented more than 50 terror plots.

Not unexpectedly, the FBI -as good mafia membership rules would require it- has also quickly jumped on this bandwagon and are arguing for the utility of secret courts and a continuation of large scale spying on all us, indiscriminately.

We are supposed to believe that terror plots -that cannot be independently verified- were 'prevented' from happening by using secret documents allowed to be collected by an obscure and secret court (FISA) that allegedly is totally constitutional. Mind you, this court has never, ever, refused to reject any -how else?- secret request made by the NSA. Think about that for a minute.

Our government behaves just like a bunch of mafiosi/thugs using secret decisions of a secret court to enforce national 'security'. I rub my eyes thinking about this and get anxious as we seem to be helpless in the face our government's egregious abuses.

How can we prevent the government from using secret courts to track us? How can we defend against secret decisions? Are we playing a rigged game that only the government can win?

Besides, the NSA blatantly claim that they have 'prevented over 50 terror attacks'. This is the weakest of all logical arguments that exist, as NO ONE can prove with certainty what DID NOT HAPPENED due to an unequivocal reason.

For instance, you cannot 'prove' that I am not sick now because I exercise 3 days a week. It might be because I eat healthy or because I have good genes, or a myriad of other connected or independent reasons. Proving why a particular outcome has not happened is not just lame, but is totally fallacious.

Our government's claim that some terror attacks did not happen only because of the NSA spying on us is tantamount to me saying that the government is not lying to us. For a short proof see this.

Stop the NSA from spying on us constantly.

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