Sunday, June 30, 2013

NSA Spies Even on European Allies: US is Just a Few Steps Away from Dictatorship

I am reading today that the US -via NSA and CIA- is routinely intercepting voice and digital communication of high level European officials at the European Council in Bruxelles.

This is not totally unexpected given that the US spies freely on its own citizens. The US no longer shows respect for privacy when it comes to Americans and we expect the US to show that they care about Europeans?

I am wondering what else is the NSA doing that can top the facts the it spies at will against lawful Americans and against traditional US allies...

The only 'democratic' ingredient missing from making the US a full blown dictatorship is a president with more 'personality' than all the secret courts combined. Such a president could make amazingly crazy requests to these secret courts that will quiet and instill fear for good into all democratic dissidents and those who do not acquiesce to the fully and secretly blessed new presidential powers.

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