Friday, December 14, 2012

Another tragic government failure

Today, 20 innocent children and adults were massacred by a young man in Connecticut. Our tears cannot bring these children back and nobody's tears can console their parents.

This is an example of complete and utter government failure. Innocent children being murdered mercilessly by an armed man should not happen in a civilized society. Never and under no circumstances.

The government should protect the weakest among us. Anybody daring to claim that we have the constitutional right to carry guns in this country and that this is a purely 'isolated' incident are at least insane. This could have been prevented if guns would have been much harder to come by.

Guns do not kill people but people with guns can kill people (including children) at a much faster rate than with almost any other kind of weapon.

Rules about the health and state of mind of anybody who has guns need to be much stricter and much better enforced. Also, rules about the sales of guns need to be changed and new rules about the storage of guns in private hands need to be created. The sooner the better.

Currently, in Chicago, one cannot have a gun, but in the suburbs anybody can buy a gun which then can be sold to thugs in Chicago. NRA and other gun rights advocates claim that Chicago is a clear example of the failure of gun control regulations. Can you believe that? Anybody can drive to Iowa or Indiana and buy a gun and return to Chicago and kill innocent victims at will.

We need new rules for gun ownership and we need them now as the type of massacre that happened today can be repeated at any time and almost by anybody.

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