Sunday, December 16, 2012

Cox Communications Sucks Again

Starting with yesterday I have not been able to access my Cox Communication e-mail account. Mind you, I am paying them +$65/mo for the Internet access they provide.

Here is what they promise. Yet, I cannot get to my e-mail account at all.


Logging in here will allow you to:

  • Access up to 10 email accounts with 2GB of storage space each
  • Compose new messages to contacts from your Address Book
  • Manage SpamBlocker and other advanced email tools
  • Search for current and saved messages
Learn more about Cox High Speed Internet.

And this is what the alert says.

Our teams are making progress in our email service restoration efforts. Through our investigation, we have isolated the cause of the failure to the email system platform which ultimately affected both the primary and secondary failover (back-up) systems. Currently, all incoming messages are queued in our system and we expect to deliver messages to customers on a rolling basis as we bring the systems back online. Teams across all levels of our organization remain intensely focused on the restoration efforts. Unfortunately, we do not expect services to be restored today. We do understand the impact this is having on our customers, which is why we have deployed every resource possible to working this issue. While we are focused on restoring email access as quickly as possible, the multiple components and processes that make up our email system require care, and some time, to bring them back online. Our next scheduled update is 3:00 pm, however we will update this alert with new information as we have it.

Need I say more than the fact that Cox is the worst 'utility providers' company I am dealing with?

I hate having to do business with this company but they are a virtual monopoly in this city.

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