Thursday, December 20, 2012

COX Communications decided to credit my account with $5

So, after COX Communications lost all my e-mail messages older than 150 days and stopped delivering email message to my account with them for about 5 days it decided to credit my account with the incredible amount of $5. A one time credit.

Incredibly arrogant and shortsighted. COX Communication is the worst cable and internet services delivery company. Without any doubt.

Stay away from COX, if you can. If I could not use COX where I live I would never in a million years do business with them.
Now COX claims that I have not been paying for email services, in spite of the fact that I pay for internet alone about $65/mo. Not to speak of the fact that they advertise email access and account as one of the differentiating services compared to the competition.

Incredibly frustrating.

Here is the exact reply I got from their customer care team.

I am sorry for the issue you are experiencing with our webmail.

Please keep in mind you subscribe to access to the Internet and we offer the email as a complimentary service at no additional charge.

A $5.00 credit had been issued to your account and you will see this on the next statement. Teams across all levels of our organization remain intensely focused on the restoration efforts. Unfortunately, we do not expect services to be restored today. We do understand the impact this is having on our customers, which is why we have deployed every resource possible to working this issue. While we are focused on restoring email access as quickly as possible, the multiple components and processes that make up our email system require care, and some time, to bring them back online. We will provide additional updates on our website. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this is causing you.

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