Friday, December 14, 2012

Ode to atheism

Today's news about the 27 victims of an an unexplainable act of violence in Connecticut has made me be an even stronger believer than ever that I cannot be anything but an atheist.

We are simple mammals that have evolved the way we are and manage to maintain our society 'normal' by the simple law of large numbers. We developed and embraced the concept of God to substitute for our inability to accept that we are finite.

Scientifically and statistically speaking we exist by pure coincidence and if events like today's can happen then so can we.

No God in any universe can be used to justify what happened today in Connecticut. Never.

Adam Lanza, the alleged perpetrator of this crime, was a human being who killed other humans using technology and laws accepted as 'modern' in this country.

We cannot allow a repeat of this type of tragedy. We need to use human powers (laws, government, justice, and society artifacts) to stop anybody from ever doing what Adam Lanza did today.

Using divinity to justify Adam's actions should be left for the weak amongst us. It is time for us, The People, to fix the gun laws in America and drastically restrict gun ownership.

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