Sunday, December 16, 2012

It's impossible to claim innocence

Friday's massacre in Newtown, CT where 20 children under the age of 7 and 6 adults were killed by a young adult shows with the precision of a metronome what lack of government regulations can do.

It is almost impossible to claim that the government could not have done anything about this when it is clear that the opposite is true. Mostly when these types of massacres occur at least 10 times a year.

Here are several ways the government could have made this massacre much more difficult to perpetrate (if not prevent it).

1. Access to guns. Most criminals and mentally challenged individuals get (buy or steal) their guns from other 'law abiding' citizens. Controlling guns at the source and imposing yearly checks on the storage of guns and ammunition in private hands could be a starting point;

2. Mental health. If anybody in a household gets diagnosed with a mental disorder all guns/ammo in the household need to be sold immediately;

3. Judicial clarity. Have the Supreme Court clarify the scope of the 2nd amendment so that stronger restrictions be placed on all guns already in private hands;

All 3 branches of the USG have failed to fulfill their main Constitutional duty: to allow to the 26 innocent victims of this infuriating event to seek 'life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness'. Their lives were taken away from them and the government cannot claim innocence.

It is impossible for the government to assert that it could not have done anything to prevent this event when these types of events happen with an alarming regularity.

Our government can muster the resources and the legal constructs to chase/kill/incarcerate/isolate terrorists away no matter where they are on the globe, but it cannot do anything to prevent these types of atrocities?

If Al-Qaeda would have been behind any of these types of awful mass shootings then the government would have created a new set of rules. Immediately and without recourse.Just like the 'Patriot' Act. Only the name is patriotic in that act, and yet the government has managed to make it the new law of the land rather quickly...

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